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A local group wants to decriminalize marijuana in the city of Marquette. Do you think this would be a good or bad idea?

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Jan-22-14 10:56 AM

Marijuana or any other substance used to alter mood for recreational use, is a gateway drug. Caffeine is also a gateway drug, but this isn't about caffeine. The effects become lessened and more is used to get that same effect, moving onto other drugs including abusing Rx from MDs, who seem to care more about promoting pharmaceutical houses, rather than taking the time to accurately diagnose their patients and treat them holistically. Self reported chronic pain gets Rx from hurried MDs. We have seen the results. I disagree with the idea that marijuana has little affect on our lungs. It is a foreign substance, deeply inhaled and held in a confined space over time, for some, many years. We both know that research can, and is, manipulated. It does not prove, but only indicates what the researcher and the grant providing the funds desire. In my opinion, theft of a loaf of bread, is also a gateway to the criminal justice system. Thank you for your comments.

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Jan-21-14 2:08 PM

You don't get second hand drunk or second hand nicotine but you do get second hand high. These are all drugs and not the same. Legalize for REAL medical use (no smoking) not for recreational.

@ Dr. Townsend. Sounds like you prefer the the let everyone self medicate method.Maybe you and your sex scandals should relocate to the communist republic of California. In-haling any form of smoke will have negatives. Maybe you should do a study and smoke a pound a day and we will see how long you live.

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Jan-19-14 12:53 PM

Lets ask a question of our substance abuse counselor- Given the ability to completely remove any 2 of the following- opiate abuse, *************, or marijuana from society (only 2 of the 3) would you remove marijuana and why?

The utter medical nonsense that marijuana damages lungs or has excessive tar is pure 1970's War on Drugs junk science. Not only has it been refuted repeatedly as a 'Reefer Madness' style scare tactic, ACTUAL medical studies show decreased frequency of Head and Neck cancers with HEAVY marijuana users. Cannabis itself has anti-tumor and anti-inflammation properties (send me a message and I'll send you the studies).

So save us the 'what about the poor puppies and little children' arguments and stick to actual science.

Dr. Robert Townsend

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Jan-19-14 12:31 PM

Currently marijuana is a gateway to one thing only- exposure to the criminal justice system. The major side effect of marijuana is also exposure to the criminal justice system. With legalization, both will be removed as the only dangerous side effects of marijuana.

Currently each primary care physician seeing 20 patients a day, 22 days a month writes an average of over 126,000 doses of pain medication a year (assuming 4 tablets of vicodin per day for the 1 in 5 patients complaining of chronic pain). With some 30,000 primary care physicians in Michigan, the math is staggering.

If using medical marijuana could reduce these numbers by half, the positive impact on public health would be HUGE. See ***********denalihealthcaremi****/prescription-drugs-poised-become-leading-cause-death-2014/

for further discussion

Dr. Robert Townsend

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Jan-15-14 3:14 PM

Marijuana is a gateway herb. It has no withdrawal syndrome. It is not classified as a drug, as is cocaine, alcohol,******, etc. smoking marijuana causes irreversible damage to the lungs, chronic bronchitis, abnormal accumulation of inflammatory cells, also impairs function of immune effector cells just to name some of the effects.It definitely impairs lung function,has more tar than in cigaette smoke. If it is used to feel mellow, better, more sociable, it is misused. AA has shown that you don't need any drugs to get a mood change. Legalizing will probably come to Marquette, but look for the serious effects on children and on society. I am against legaization. Rosemary K. Hendrix, M.Ed., MMFT, Substance Abuse Counselor

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Jan-15-14 12:23 PM

Hard to justify outlawing cigarettes for health reasons and make smoking marijuana legal in public or in private. I could accept injectable or chewable THC but not smoking.

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Jan-14-14 12:05 PM

I think it's a great idea but once it becomes legal, what will stop people from just growing their own to get out of paying the taxes on it? I think that is the main reason it hasn't been legalized nationally. The government wouldn't be able to control it or make enough money off of it, and everyone knows that if they can't make enough money off of something it's not gonna go...

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Jan-13-14 2:31 PM

Living in Colorado it sounds great if your into that thing and of age. Problem is it will significantly affect the schools. They are already horrible in this country. This will only accelerate our children's downfall as compared to the rest of the globe. You will see 4th graders lighting up. And it is way to hard to keep out of under 21 hands. Alcohol and tobacco are both readily available to the 12-21 crowd. And taxes aren't going to make the schools better. Teachers do.

Secondly I have already noticed that you cannot get away from the smell(horrible). it is in the gondolas and on the lifts.

Alcohol,Tobacco, and pot are all different and all drugs. People will die from all three and society will continue to loose it responsibility.

And I am under 30.

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Jan-11-14 1:43 PM

It would be a great idea if it's done the right way . Marquette could set the standard for how recreational should be regulated . Take a look at what they are doing in towns in Colorado and Washington . There is a lot of tax money to be made and think of the tourism dollars . Marquette could become a destination vacation spot . Legalization is coming .... like a freight train and it won't be stopped . May as well get on board while you still have some control and can shape the future .

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