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Where is justice?

December 16, 2012
Fred Jakobcic, Marquette , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Government is good, government is bad, whatever it is, it is people running the government who make the decisions, the political parties and their policies which ever party is in office, has the majority in the House and the Senate, puts judges on the Federal courts, and its candidate in the White House.

People blame government for the bad it does, for its inactions and failures, but its good side, its successes are often ignored or forgotten, often with some effort by those deliberately perpetrate the negative aspects , ignoring the good and vital institution that it is.

Good government needs good regulations, and good people. Regulations protect all, good programs help us all, de-regulation has hurt almost all of us in one way or another.

With fewer taxes government can do less good, and more bad becomes of it, with the government getting the blame because it has less to work with and that is often forgotten in the criticism of it when it fails because it lacks the resources to do good. Banks continue to get stimulus funds, oil companies receive subsidies, and the wealthy and many corporations continually get tax breaks.

The bad government is slow to help the needy, fast to help the greedy, and this time of the "fiscal cliff' they talk of still more cuts to social programs of the poor and Medicare and even social security, forgetting all the waste in the sacrosanct military budget-not enough space to explain all that but to say it revolves around the military-industrial-congressional complex.

Douglas J. Amy writes, in his book "Government Is Good," "... the political right fears the success of government programs " (p.33) such as social security and Medicare and many others. The deficit hawks promote deficit hysteria in their effort to force government to enact deep cuts in vital social programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

They use fear to justify an austerity budget, one that does not included restoring taxes on the wealthy nor cuts in corporate welfare, or the bloated military budget. They only care about deficits when pubic money is being spent on so-called liberal programs.

Where were these deficit hawks before President Obama was elected, or while spending on their own political priorities, wars and the tax cuts to the wealthy?



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