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Pioneers all

November 18, 2012
Gordon C. Peterson, Marquette , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

As part of our celebration of Thanksgiving, we give thanks to revolutionaries who progressed our basic right.

What is our basic right? Aspects of our basic right are revealed in our many policy statements, including those related to our Revolution, New Deal, civil rights movements, feminist movements, and environmental movements.

The clearest statement of our basic right is in our Pledge of Allegiance that declares "justice for all." These reveal our progression from a minimalist federal government promoting justice for few wealthy white males, to an activist national government promoting justice for all. Who are our revolutionaries who progressed justice for all?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt opposed our unemployment of the 1930s Great Depression and constructed our New Deal in which an activist national government progressed economic rights, including promoting work for our unemployed, unions, regulation of business, progressive taxation, and retirement security.

Martin Luther King, Jr., opposed racism's, povertyisms and militarisms, and he progressed political rights based on equality for all under the law, including educational and employment rights.

He advocated collecting data about the existence of rights, setting goals, educating the public and legislators to achieve the goals, and if education fails using mass nonviolent civil disobedience, including boycotts and demonstrations.

Simone de Beauvoir opposed the discrimination of sexisms, and she progressed feminist rights, including economic, educational, and political rights for women.

Rachel Carson opposed speciesisms in which human species has rights and other species are used to benefit humans, and she constructed ecocentrism that progressed environmental rights in which all species have rights.

She opposed the greed, ignorance, irresponsibility, and shortsightedness of leaders in business and government, and she supported educational and political action to achieve the rights of all species.

Now is the time for us to further progress by constructing job rights for all through an activist national government.

Justice for all.

Editor's note: Gordon C. Peterson is not to be confused with Marquette resident Gordon J. "Gordy" Peterson of the Swanson-Lundquist Funeral Home.



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