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New at the library

November 17, 2012
The Mining Journal

Adult Books On CD & Digital Media

Alone with God by John MacArthur

John MacArthur, Jr. has been a trusted pastor and teacher for over 30 years and has delivered practical insights for helping Christians grow in their own journey of faith. This amazing walk through The Lord's Prayer takes the reader down a path one verse at a time while Jesus speaks to His Father intimately, the way He desires we should pray too. These editions feature study guides for both personal and group reflection, all centered on topics and issues that matter most to believers. Christians know that spending time with God is essential to an intimate, growing relationship with Him. Yet many struggle to make prayer a consistent, dedicated part of daily life. Alone with God offers inspiration and encouragement for anyone longing for a deeper, richer time of prayer. Here John MacArthur turns to the perfect mentor on prayer, Jesus Christ, as he explores the profound insights found in the Lord's Prayer.

Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke

An uncomplicated murder mystery and delicious recipes! Mmm good combinations!

Hannah Swenson delves into another murder investigation when she and her sister Michelle witness an accident on the slippery roads while they are driving. When they go to the scene of the accident, they find a tour bus which contains a jazz band by the name of Cinnamon Roll Six who were on their way into town for a gig. It appears as though their driver experienced a medical emergency at the wheel and veered off the road, but one of the band members is slightly injured and ends up in the hospital where he is killed.

Adding depth to the story are Hannah's love interests and she has to decide who she loves most Norman or Mike? Norman is engaged to Bev, but Hannah feels something is strange about them and decides to investigate with her team what exactly is the mystery there.

Come In and Cover Me by Gin Phillips

Ren Taylor, an archaeologist haunted by the near and ancient past and, with the help of the potter himself, finds three of his now rare, 12th-century Mimbres Indian pots with paintings of parrots on them. Silas, a colleague of hers, also finds remains of pots that may be linked to hers and Ren finds herself escaping her ghosts by embracing her career to find out what the pots paintings signify and what the relationship of Silas's findings are to hers. Soon enough, a romance between her and Silas develops and she discovers that in order for her to share more of herself with Silas, she must uncover more of her past ghosts. Silas and Ren's romance is portrayed effectively, revealing the omissions and commissions of budding love and how people push away those they need most in times of crisis. And like true archaeologists, they learn to pick up the broken pieces of a life and use them to rebuild something new.

Ren's brother Scott was killed in a car accident when she was only 12 years old. He was on his way to school. She is continually tormented by memories of his death, of a relationship that was never formed, conversations that never happened, family dinners that were never complete, and friendships which were avoided with those who remind her of him.


Taken by Emma Knight

Rachel Wood learns that her new boyfriend Benji is a vampire but ssshhh!!! It is supposed to be a secret. She denies it when he tells her and refuses to see him again. But she can't stop thinking about him especially in her dreams. She can't help wonder if it's all true.

Meanwhile, back in her high school life, Rob's football friends are injured, but this doesn't stop Rob from falling for Rachel all over again. She finds that she also has feelings for him as well as Benji.

All these troubles build social pressures for Rachel and she is forced to lie to her parents and sneak out at night in order to avoid the punishment of being grounded. Her sister Sarah covers for her and as a result, their relationship becomes deeper.

And just when these pressures are mounting, Rachel finds Benji back in her life, and danger is surrounding him. She discovers his ancestral home in the Lyndvia Castle on the Hudson River, and just as their romance is growing, Benji's twin brother brings a threat that could destroy it all. Rachel is faced with the dilemma of deciding love and sacrifice.

- Marlene Seelig


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