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Props miss mark

October 28, 2012
Scott Bolster, Marquette , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Progressives love to write editorials that quote the Pledge of Allegiance's passage, "And justice for all." It's funny how they always truncate the full phrase: " with Liberty and Justice for all." Could it be because efforts by the left to further their vision of "justice" require the rest of us to surrender our liberty?

So it is with the new proposals that the left want to litter our state constitution with. Progressives continually preach that Republicans are the party of the special interests while, in practice, the left far eclipses them with regards to appeasing special interest groups.

Proposal 2's wording states that no current or future law can limit collective bargaining. With that in the Constitution, our duly elected state and local officials will be severely limited in their ability to carry out their economic responsibilities to the people.

When the officials that we elect to manage our communities are trumped by the unions' newly imposed power to collective bargain for anything that means the people who elected them are thereby trumped by unions as well.

Collective bargaining is in fact already protected for private sector workers by the National Labor Relations Act of 1935. Furthermore, Michigan public sector workers are protected by the combination of the Civil Service Commission and PA 379 of 1965 which enacted the Public Employment Relations Act.

Proposal 2 boils down to the union's drastic attempt to counter any future possibility of Michigan enacting "Right to Work" legislation. A constitutional "Hail Mary Pass" if you will.

Proposals 1 through 4 follow the same principle: if you can't muster the support of the citizenry, simply go around them. The Michigan Education Association dislikes the Emergency Manager law but can't convince the rest of the people to recall the governor.

Unions are concerned that the people will support right to work legislation when they see how successful such legislation can be.

Environmental groups want to push renewable energy but can't muster majority support. The SEIU is concerned that their money skimming schemes are being exposed. Instead of these groups working to gain public support, they are effectively trying to go around the public.

I think that most people understand the fundamental purpose of a Constitution and what belongs in it. A constitution should protect all of its citizens equally and ensure their right to be properly represented in government; not used to usurp the people by special interest.



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