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God and country

October 24, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Considering the impending elections, here are some concerns that potential voters might want to reflect on.

Today, there is much confusion in our nation because of the erosion allowed to take place for the last 100 years, erosion in our government, judicial system, schools, culture, and even in our churches. Belief in God and his moral laws was our foundation but today it is not.

Government representatives are self-serving when their job is to govern for the good of the governed. Judicial authorities have no firm foundation for their decisions and many reject God as supreme lawgiver.

The schools are making more demands and giving less education. The culture is encroaching on parental authority. Morals have been discarded, fostering dissension and division.

As minorities of all kinds strive to promote their own interests - and succeed - the entire nation is brought low.

The enemy of our nation and of all humanity effectively conquers a divided people, over-extending all to pay for the desires of one minority of wants after another. Like "the Blob," the government is oozing over all and eating us up.

Freeze it. Drive it back to its rightful place of uniting and serving the people, not consuming and destroying them.

This country had, up until the last 100 years, successfully operated on the principle on which it was founded, namely that people can rule themselves only if they are submitted to the God Who made them. The founders made great sacrifices themselves for the future of our nation.

Your grandfathers, fathers, uncles, sons, and now even your daughters have sacrificed even their lives for sustaining our nation. Don't make that sacrifice null and void by abandoning your responsibility through laziness, confusion, or disgust.

Stand together for God and country. Search your conscience and vote accordingly.

Sally Porter




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