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Family values tops

October 21, 2012
Fred Jakobcic, Marquette , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

What are family values without jobs, living wages, and the security that comes with both? Whom do we associate family values with most, the people in general or the corporations in particular, who through political action committees and other funding methods to the major political parties have too much influence in decisions and policy making with whatever administration holds the majority in Congress and the Executive Office and influences the judiciary the most. What are the real values of the Democrats and Republicans?

When corporations, conglomerates, and government entities, with private components, control the direction and governance of a country, including carrying out economic planning notwithstanding the "free market" you have a corporatocracy. The people are left out of the process. The corporations have massive power over the governments.

Family values suffer because as Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President comments "People are losing their jobs, their homes, decent wages, affordable health care and higher education. Our civil liberties are under attack in the climate of meltdown. Yet, the wealthy few are making out better than ever, making out like bandits. Richer than ever. While the political establishment that got us into this mess to start with actually is making it worse."

The solution to fix Medicare is to provide Medicare for all through a single payer system and for Social Security we just need to raise the cap on Social Security for your future security, which you will not find on Wall Street.

We do not want four more years of the same by voting for corporate and Wall Street-sponsored presidential candidates Obama and Romney. They are undermining family values, real freedom, real democracy, militarizing police and manipulating a docile public in a direction and acceptance that stifles freedom and creativity to question authority. Under the above conditions, family values continue to erode.

We need to downsize the military, bring our troops home, cutting back to year 2000, respecting human rights, and by reforming NAFTA and other free trade agreements that created this crisis to start with.

And we must bring back respect for the rule of law, due process and the War Powers clause of the United States Constitution. Only then can family values have meaning.



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