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Take back power

September 30, 2012
Ray Gattavara, Sumner, Wash. , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Overcoming the negatives (of which there are many) in our culture now requires a good amount of intelligence and common sense while thinking and going about our daily lives.

Humanity has reached a point that is commonly known as critical mass. Decisions need to be made both for ourselves, our birth country and/or our country of residence, and for the entire population of our planet.

The decisions that need to be made are as diversified as the number of citizens of every country that exists. A few may think that no improvements are required nationally or globally. Thankfully these citizens compromise a very small minority of individuals in the USA.

Perhaps the most important matter to be recognized is that representative government fails to work functionally when the common citizens of any country gives too much political power to large national and/or state governments. When this happens our society loses any positive social ethic in which to grasp throughout our lives.

We are now in a position in which the long-accumulated political power of governments in general must be taken back by the citizens (voting has become a waste of time as the same dysfunctional politicians always get elected, whether the incumbent or the challenger) in order to restore a society that no longer allows politics to be practiced by the Congress, the Judicial branch and the President.



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