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Creators vs. Reactors

September 21, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

As we begin the last leg of the election season and it appears that "it's the economy" taking prominence, let us ponder who actually is the job creator.

For all the politicians who constantly bow to those they consider our economic saviors and who may or may not deign to add more jobs and who therefore should not have their taxes increased. Let's get this straight, because they got it wrong. In fact, it is a misnomer.

Corporations, entrepreneurs, any good business person will not add even one more hour, much less one more job to the enterprise if there isn't demand for the product. They, after all, would not be successful if they unnecessarily added costs.

Let's rename them Job Reactors, for they react to demand. Hopefully they are good at this, matching supply to demand.

Who, then, are the hallowed Job Creators? You may take a bow because it is you and I. It is through our consumption that we add or subtract jobs.

Oh yes, the Job Reactors must be good at what they do and surely deserve praise managing business if done well.

What supports the real "Job Creators"? Education, Medicare, Social Security and a host of other safeguards that allow us consumers discretionary income to keep up demand and keep the economy going. One may even think government has a role in this.

Now back to my initial assertion. Who will get this economy going, Job Reactors or Job Creators?

Tom Leahy

Elm Grove, Wis.



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