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Bad politics

September 2, 2012
Jackie Winkowski Gwinn , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

House Bill 5834, to legalize wolf hunting in Michigan introduced by State Rep. Matt Huuki-R, Atlantic Mine, is not surprising. While many rejoice, it's the worst regional news some of us have heard in years.

Legalizing the hunting and tormenting of wolves in Michigan will go a long way toward destroying my lifelong love and appreciation for our beautiful state and its bountiful natural resources.

The introduction of this bill goes against the management plan which was put into place by a committee of stakeholders who, at the time, could not have thought that their studies, discussions, and conclusions would be abruptly and thoughtlessly dismissed.

Many people feel blessed to have a chance to see a wild wolf, or simply delight in knowing that they exist and share our forests. How sad and unfortunate that there is Department of Natural Resources and legislator support for "thrill killing" of these beautiful, valuable wild animals.

"Problem" wolves are already being dealt with (read: killed legally), and there is no reason to disrupt wolves that are simply doing the work they were created to do in the environment.

Killing wolves randomly and thus altering the social structure of a pack will result in more problem wolves-a win-win situation for those seeking reasons to kill them. Trapping and baiting, in particular, are cruel and wrongheaded, but will likely be part of the DNR's plan. It seems that wherever wolves exist, during whatever era, regardless of humans' education and enlightenment, they are persecuted.

Some will regard Rep. Huuki's and other legislators' actions related to legalizing wolf hunting as heroic. To many of us, it looks like political pandering.



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