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And along came a spider ...

Northern State of Mind

May 29, 2011
CHELSEY?ROATH ( , The Mining Journal

New curtains, area rugs, pots and pans, and bed spreads; these are the things I hoped to get when I moved into my new one-bedroom duplex.

I believe I mentioned this in my last column, but I'll say it again. Now that I'm in a more updated apartment - one equipped with a front and back porch along with all working appliances - I'm finding the need to splurge a little. Investing in newer, nicer furnishings is a need ... well more like a want ... because I'm planning on staying here for the rest of my college career.

As I teenager I feared the day when I would turn into my mother and get excited about new dishes instead of a trendy tank top. I never understood what was so exciting about decorative dish towels? Well folks, that day has arrived. And I'll be the first to admit, I'm a big fan of decorative dish towels.

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When I'm sitting on my purple couch at night, enjoying my daily ritual of buttered noodles and "Grey's Anatomy" reruns, it's nice to look around and appreciate a home that I put together myself.

But, as most of you already know, life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. And with this new apartment, it's already beginning to have its ups, and downs, and creepy critters.

My house guests started off small, very small. Day two in the new apartment found me and an itsy bitsy spider face to face in the shower.

I didn't think much of it. I can handle a spider. I simply grabbed a Kleenex and squished the monster. There, problem solved.

When I got home from my long day at work, a started to take part in my ritual when all of the sudden I spot a little black spot creepy across my wall. Another spider.

I quickly ran into my bathroom to grab a Kleenex, once again, when I spotted yet another slightly larger spider hanging out in my bathtub. Fantastic.

I'm sure some of you have seen the movie "Arachnophobia." Well, it was starting to feel a little like that.

But like a champ, I managed to defeat both of the spiders and move on with my night.

That was until 10 o'clock rolled around.

As I was turning off the lights and slipping into my pajamas I heard a rustling outside on my back porch.

There was no spider up in the U.P large enough to make that kind of racket.

Thanks to my earlier creepy crawlers, I was feeling a little bit spooked already. The noise outside just added to my anxiety.

I poked my eyes through my blinds to spot an even more unwanted guest. A skunk.

A Kleenex wasn't going to fix this situation.

So I did what any girl in my situation would do.

I turned off the lights, and went to bed. What's done is done.

Along with investing in new curtains, area rugs, and decorative dish towels, it looks like this college girl will be buying a can of bug-be-gone and calling animal control.

Editor's note: Chelsey Roath is a student at Northern Michigan University. Her biweekly column on college life in Marquette runs on Sundays. Her email is



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