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Born with no voice & low odds, boy talks with new voice box

February 9, 2016 Grant Hasse was born with two very rare conditions — one that’s usually fatal, the other that should have left him unable to talk. more »»

What to do and when to do it

February 9, 2016 We all have jobs and tasks to do on a daily basis. These may be things that need to get done at work or at home. more »»


February 2, 2016 MARQUETTE — Caring for a loved one with the common cold is one thing. Caring for a loved one with mental illness is another. more »»

Flat foot in children can be trouble

February 2, 2016 When discussing children, especially those of a friend or family member, one of those oft used clichés that seems to so quickly spring to mind, is that they will “grow out of it. more »»

Health Center expands services to include new dental clinic

February 2, 2016 SAWYER — Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center has expanded access to oral health services in the region by opening Sawyer Dental Clini. more »»

Beethoven’s ears: Deafness a mystery

February 2, 2016 I am told that a good doctor should listen carefully to the stories patients tell him. more »»

Marijuana linked to lung cancer

January 26, 2016 Over the past several years, marijuana has become a legal substance to sell, to buy, and to use in various states in the USA. more »»

Achilles heal can be a really big pain

January 26, 2016 We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Be it psychological or physical, we can’t all be good at everything. But this is quite different from having an Achilles heel. more »»

Spinal aging a concern for many

January 26, 2016 MARQUETTE — The spine, like just about every part of the human body, doesn’t improve with age. Teaching people about what they could expect and how to prevent it was the subject of a Jan. more »»

Caring for the caregivers

January 19, 2016 MARQUETTE — No matter how well meaning a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s disease is, the best of intentions can lead to fatigue and burnout. more »»

Obesity tied to risk of having stroke

January 19, 2016 Despite the dire predictions for our health care system, educational efforts continue to promote the message of wellness and health through better lifestyle choices. more »»

Beethoven’s deafness an enigma

January 19, 2016 Some people tell me that I should write what I know, others tell me I should write the stories they know. The other day, in a social gathering, Ms. more »»

Alzheimer’s awareness

January 12, 2016 MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University student Tyler Leightner recently spoke about Alzheimer’s disease to an NMU biology class. The students didn’t realize people can die from the afflictio. more »»

Supplements with fiber are very healthful

January 12, 2016 It is recommended that adults get about 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber every day. Much of this fiber will come from healthy dietary choices. more »»

Surgery can help alleviate patient’s pain

January 12, 2016 So often, when people talk about some painful limb, be it an arm or a leg, they assume it's a joint causing problems. more »»

Train Your Brain

January 5, 2016 MARQUETTE — Jeff Nyquist believes the human brain — a muscle, by the way — can be properly nurtured to improve athletic performance. Welcome to his “Brain Gym” at 337 W. Washington St. more »»

For most, ingrown nails are big pain

January 5, 2016 When most people think of the services provided by podiatric medicine, care of chronic wounds, or perhaps, ankle arthritis, is not the first thought that comes to mind. more »»

Many doctors don’t urge HPV shots for preteens, study finds

January 5, 2016 CHICAGO — Many pediatricians and family doctors are not strongly recommending the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine to preteens and their parents, contributing to low vaccination rates. more »»

Beethoven’s music not held back

January 5, 2016 People tell me that I should write what I know, so when I decided to write about Beethoven’s music and his deafness. I rummaged through the drawers of my mind for a relevant memory. more »»

Pedaling for Parkinson’s

December 29, 2015 MARQUETTE — Having Parkinson’s disease could keep people from participating in some activities, but depending on their stage, pedaling a bicycle doesn’t have to be one of them. more »»



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